The story goes like this. I went to a bar last week to escape daily-life, enjoy myself and have some fun. Nothing special to that. In there a strange guy started talking to me. Ignorant of the fact, as I usually am, that men always hint on getting women into bed I responded to his charm. It started out as a normal conversation about the setting, the people in there, occupation…bla bla bla, but soon evolved into a talk about what really matters to men, i.e. the do-you-have-a-boy-friend-question, with the underlying notion of I-am-available-so-lets-make-it-proposal. Still, nothing special for it’s one of the focal points in life. I really do understand that, so please don’t get me wrong. What I do not understand, however, is what follows next. I simply said that I do not have a boyfriend. He asks: “How come?” I say: “Haven’t found one yet.” Then the struggling journey begins. He doesn’t understand why I am not having a boyfriend. I constantly repeat that I simply haven’t found one yet. After having gone back and forth like this for a while he seemed not to have grasped a single word I said and states the following: “A girl like you can have a man at every corner.” Here we go! Men simply do not understand how women can lead a satisfying life without a man and especially without physical contact to such. Let me try to put it this way and let’s hope that some of you get the message finally: There are times in life, when a women is happy with the things she’s got and without a male partner, particularly when she hasn’t found Mr. Right yet.

My final question is: Are all men like this or is it just the Germans?


Going from Sevilla International Airport in Spain to Mailand (Italy) is very relaxing. About five minutes prior to boarding the travellers (mainly Spaniards and Italians) start to line up in front of the counter without any visible kinds of problems. When the boarding process commences everything goes pretty fast and smooth and although I wasn’t one of the first to queue I get on board very quickly.


A day later. Me going from Mailand (Italy) to Frankfurt (Germany). I am at the gate again. Only a few more minutes to go and the boarding starts anew; no one seems to care as there is no lining up visible yet. Then the scene changes dramatically within a few seconds and I’m not sure what’s going on yet. All of sudden the travellers (this time mainly Germans) seem to go wild and crazy. Apparently they all have one distination: The boarding counter! I get run over and hustled several times and without noticing I must have been driven back several foot or so, for I am not where I was a second ago anymore. I try to wake up. “What the heck’s going on here?”, I think to myself. I straighten up trying to catch up with the situation. A knot of intertwined bodies trying to knit in even more right ahead. “Reminds me of these knots you find with wired christmas illumination after releasing it from a one year’s rest in some box. What are they hunting for? I am sure the airline hasn’t sold more tickets than seats available.” I check my ticket and find a seat number imprinted. …

Finally, I make it into the airplane after half an hour waiting and watching these maniacs. I check the situation again. Everyone’s got a seat and no one’s left over.

“Mmm, maybe the airline should counter-check if there isn’t anyone sticking on the gate’s floor. Just to make sure! One never knows!”

Hey you Germans! Look at this! Just to get an idea of how queuing works :-)